Some facts:

MISSION – The Lutheran SGO of Indiana exists to raise funds from individuals and businesses to provide scholarship funds to all eligible students wanting to attend an Indiana Lutheran School.

VISION – The Lutheran SGO of Indiana will ensure that all eligible families in Indiana have the opportunity to attend the Lutheran school of their choice.  Our efforts will support enrollment growth and Christian outreach to families.

TAX CREDITS AVAILABLE – Take full advantage of all the benefits of donating to the Lutheran Scholarship Granting Organaization (SGO) of Indiana.  Our SGO enables low- to middle-income families to send their children to the school of their choice.  For their generosity, donors may receive a 50-percent state tax credit.  Donation can take many forms, from cash to commodities.  Gifts to our SGO are also tax-deductible to the full extent of the federal charitable tax laws.  Donations made by December 31 will be eligible for this year.

CAN DONORS DIRECT THEIR GIFT TO A SPECIFIC SCHOOL? – Donors can designate their donation to any Indiana Lutheran school or to the general fund.

WHEN CAN STUDENTS APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS? – Students in grades K thru 8th grade may start applying for scholarships as soon as January or as funds become available.

WILL WE CONTINUE ACCEPTING DONATIONS TO THE TUITION AID FUND HERE AT ST. PAUL’S? – St. Paul’s Tuition Aid Fund is still accepting donations.  Your donations will be used to benefit students in Preschool as well as K thru 8 as needed.

Look for more information and a Donation Form for The Lutheran SGO elsewhere in the Epistle.  You may also go on line at for more information or to donate on line.